Multi Book – video frames book of artist | Italian Table 2001 / 2011

Multi Book – video frames book of artist | Italian Table 2001 / 2011

An artist’s book made out of images printed on transparent sheets contained in a paper box. Images that overlap and seems confused. Only if you turn the pages one by one you can catch the sense. They are frame images from a video. A post story board. To stop and comprehend better what the video stream carries away in it’s flow. Images impossible to imagine or to plan before the making of the video. Images obtained by mixing a video projected on a dinner table shattered using some hammers in a performative action. As to symbolically recreate the emotional and political memory of 10 years of the Italian history from 2001 to 2011. In Italy during the lunch hour, or dinner, families gather around the table and the information transmitted from the TV’s, always-on, are metaphorically projected about what is consumed. So the memory of these last 10 years of Italian history tells us about a destroyed table that seams to reassemble itself as if the hammering of the commensals recompose dishes and glasses instead of destroying them. Images that only the print allows to read completely. Against anxiety of time passing. apertura Scatola Italian Table trasparenti The project is completed with three books made online at The same images  exists on  the network in  three different book versions which are multiplied and can be bought on-line. They embody, in different ways,  three modes  of fruition and construction of memory:

  • as a normal book “Italian Table 2001/2011”;
  • as a recipe book where you can add your own recipes “Italian Table 2001/2011” ;
  • as a photo book in which you can add your own photos “ITALIAN TABLE 2001/2011”. tre libri ricetta del Papa The last page of each book contains a QR-code for the link to the video “FORK AND HAMMER, 10 years of Italian history”. The images belong to this video that is exhibited with the book. In this way it will be possible to see it again also from one’s own mobile, as if it was a personal memory.


Questa opera fa parte del progetto “150:10 = Pezzi d’Italia” di Giacomo Verde


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